Fun Dog Show

Montana Winter Fair

January 27-30, 2022

Lewistown, Montana



Saturday, January 29
1:30 pm - Registration
2:00 pm – Fun Dog Show


Heated Sale Barn
Fergus County Fairgrounds
Hwy 191 North


Nicole Tholt


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Fun Dog Show Results

Class #1- Rally, 1st year
1st- Dawn Ruckman and Maui
2nd tie- Cheryl Tiarks and Petey / Nicole Tholt and Pikachu
4th - Kelly Beevers and Rose
5th-Ali Erickson and Lad
6th - Mayson Brinkerhoff and Rip
7th- Nash Lund and Luna
8th- Taylor King and LouLou
9th- Rilla Oestreich and Lulu
10th- Taylee King and Molly
11th- Taryn King and Patches

Class #2- Rally, on lead
1st- Kendall Tuppert and Tango
2nd- Maggie Barth and Colt
3rd- Tuff Berg and Dandy
4th- Virgil Tholt and Trixie
5th- Jasper Tholt and Oreo
6th Olin Oestreich and Sally
7th-Talon King and Rusty

Class #3- Rally, off lead
No Entries

Class #4- Jumps and Tunnels, 1st year
1st- Cheryl Tiarks and Petey
2nd- Jasper Tholt and Pikachu
3rd- Taryn King and Patches
4th- MAggie Barth and Colt
5th- Dawn Ruckman and Maui
6th- Rilla Oestreich and Lulu

Class #5- Jumps and Tunnels, 2-3 years
1st- Tuff Berg and Dandy
2nd- Olin Oestreich and Sally
3rd- Ali Erickson and Lad
4th- Jasper Tholt and Oreo
5th- Talon King and Rusty

Class #6- Jumps and Tunnels, 4 and more years
1st- Virgil Tholt and Trixie
2nd- Kendal Tuppert and Tango

Class #7- Agility, 1st year
1st- Cheryl Tiarks and Petey
2nd-Maggie Barth and Colt

Class #8- Agility, 2-3 years
1st-Ali Erickson and Lad
2nd- Tuff Berg and Dandy
3rd- Jasper Tholt and Oreo
4th-Olin Oestreich and Sally

Class #9- Agility 4, and more years
1st- Kendal Tuppert and Tango
2nd- Virgil Tholt and Trixie

Best in show, sponsored by Country Dog Clipping by Nicole in Winnett was won by:
Kendal Tuppert and Tango

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