Youth Beef Show

Montana Winter Fair

January 27-30, 2022

Lewistown, Montana



Sunday, January 30, 2022
7:00- 9:00 am - Check-in 
10:00 am - Show


Livestock Pavilion and Sale Barn
Fergus County Fairgrounds 
Hwy 191 North


Sarah Bock


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Montana Winter Fair Youth Beef Show Results

Steers Class 1
1st - Kaydin Kumpula
2nd - Nate Peterson
3rd - Stockton Stroh
4th - Haleigh Leiser

Steers Class 2
1st - Ross Harwood
2nd - Connor Cook
3rd - Casey Cook
4th - Clay Harwood

Steers Class 3
1st - Isabel Jeffrey
2nd - Mason Thom
3rd - Mikell O'Hara
4th - Cyler Yeager

Steers Class 4
1st - Kyadin Kumpula
2nd - Connor Cook
3rd - Helaina Fowler
4th - Wade Lile

Steers Class 5
1st - Hayley Stahl
2nd - Hadley Cooper
3rd - Clay Harwood
4th - Wade Kramer

Steers Class 6
1st - Nate Peterson
2nd - Alex Long
3rd - Tanner Allen
4th - Stockton Stroh

Steers Class 7
1st - Wyatt Johannes
2nd - Lariat Hagenbuch
3rd - `Helaina Fowler
4th - Kyona Yeager

Overall Steers
Grand - Kaydin Kumpula
Reserve - Ross Harwood
Third - Connor Cook


Heifers Class 1
1st - Jack Gillett
2nd - Caitlynn Poser
3rd - Payton Hersel
4th - Julia Gillett

Heifers Class 2
1st - Tanner Allen
2nd - Wade Lile
3rd - Stockton Stroh
4th - Caitlynn Poser

Heifers Class 3
1st - Helaina Fowler
2nd - Raya Carlson
3rd - Cooper
4th - Cody England

Heifers Class 4
1st - Wylee Simenson
2nd - Mason Thom
3rd - Wacee Simenson
4th - Wylee Simenson

Heifers Class 5
1st - Morgan Friede
2nd - Clay Harwood
3rd - Morgan Friede
4th - Hadley Cooper

Overall Heifers
Grand - Helaina Fowler
Reserve - Wylee Simenson
Third - Morgan Friede

Junior Showmanship
1st 113 Kinlee Loch
2nd 161 Emmery O'Hara
3rd 143 Corbin Kumpula

Intermediate Showmanship
1st 148 Stockton Stroh
2nd 168 Wade Kramer
3rd 111 Jack Gillett

Senior Showmanship
1st Helaina Fowler
2nd Wylee Simenson
3rd Hayley Stahl


There is no entry fee for this event.

STALLING (Horses and Beef)

Contact Michelle Bass, 406-366-3090 with questions and to receive cleaning deposit after stalls are cleaned.

Covered horse stalls will be available to rent upon arrival at the Fergus County Fairgrounds.
One bag of wood chips will be provided for each stall. 

Check-in the day of the event at the stall rental office. Stall Fees are $20 plus an additional $30 cleaning deposit per stall per night.  Please pay by cash or write two checks, the deposit check will be returned when the stall is cleaned.

Stall rental office will be located at the competitor’s entrance and will be manned:
Friday January 28, 3:00- 7:00pm
Saturday, January 29, 8:00am- 6:00pm
Sunday, January 30, 8:00am- 6:00pm

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